The Storyline
The Storyline
Most people are dealing with the same issue when it comes to personal style: feeling that they have nothing to wear. This is usually a consequence of impulsive and unsustainable shopping habits or a rather undefined personal style.
But it’s time the era of "I have nothing good to wear" to come to an end.
Our style consultants will provide the expert advice that will help you elevate your personal style, shop smarter & better integrate the pieces that you already own.
The Goal?
Redefining your personal style.Reshaping your shopping habits.Refining your personal image towards the most confident version of yourself.
The Mission
The Fine Line was founded with a clear mission: designing the finest styling experience while still keeping it within reach.
We strongly believe that personal style can make a positive difference in one’s life as it is a solid foundation for cultivating self confidence. We know that high confidence makes everything else possible, so we are dedicated to change your life for the better.
The Fine Line aims to become the go-to platform for premium online styling services, providing fully tailored styling services and continuously reshaping the shopping experience for you. PERSONAL STYLING AT ONE CLICK AWAY
Imagined as a full range consultant in any fashionable quest one may have, from closet clean outs and wardrobe strategy to shopping assistance, better fashion investments or styling for every possible occasion, The Fine Line will help you build the visual story you want to share with the world.
Allow our style consultants to draw the fine line that will help you achieve the personal style and self confidence you’ve always wanted.
We promise — it’s better than texting your best friend
how it works
meet the stylist
Lica Popescu is a well known Romanian stylist having extended experience in the fashion industry. Her diversified portfolio includes a wide range of projects, such as styling and directing brand campaigns, fashion editorials, as well as celebrity and personal styling jobs.
With a main focus on image consulting and wardrobe strategy, Lica mixes her distinct flair and advanced styling skills in order to deliver top-notch results for each of her clients.
Undeniably,her unique sense of style is a trademark by itself

Lica’s full fashion expertise will be available for you via The Fine Line as she will lead, design and deliver the finest online styling experience, fully tailoring it to your needs and specific lifestyle.

You can find more about Lica and her work here