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The Fine Line is an online platform providing online personal styling services, tailored to each client’s need. Whether you have an event you’d like to look your best for or you are committed to elevate your personal style and shop smarter, our expert stylists will help you in any fashionable matter.

Of course, being a part of The Fine Line will give you exclusive access to countless benefits even after the styling session ends. These may include discounts in selected stores, private shopping sessions with your personal stylist and monthly fashion insights.

You can create an account by registering with an e-mail and password on the website. Please make sure to fill in all the required information when you sign up.

Click here and enter the email address which is connected to your account. You’ll receive an email which will contain a link to reset your password. Make sure to check your spam box if you don’t get our email in your inbox.

If you don’t remember your e-mail or encounter other issues, please message us at and we’ll do our best to help you.

The Fine Line platform should be supported on any browser, but we recommend using Google Chrome & Safari for the best online experience.

We’re sorry you feel this way. But if you really want to deactivate it go to Account > Settings > Deactivate Account.

We want to keep the styling process as simple as possible. Please find here how it works.

Step 1.
Register Your Account (or Login — if you have already registered).

Step 2.
Fill in the Style Questionnaire 
Based on the results, your personal stylist will elaborate tailored recommendations and design the best styling experience for you.

Please keep in mind that you can also fill in Style Questionnaire after booking the styling session or update the answers any time you want by entering the Account section.

Step 3.
Book & Pay the Styling Session
You can find more about our styling services here.

Step 4.
Connect with Your Personal Stylist via Chat
After payment, you will be connected with your personal stylist via chat. Please use the chat to provide the stylist with details regarding your fashion or styling need. Don’t forget to enter the chat again in order to see the styling recommendations and shopping lists provided exclusively for you by your personal stylist.

Step 5.
Enjoy the Exclusive Benefits of Our Community
We appreciate every member of our stylish community so we’re making sure you get to enjoy exclusive benefits even after the styling session ends. These may include discounts in selected stores, private shopping sessions with your personal stylist and monthly fashion insights.

Yes. Our stylists are happy to provide the expert advice that will help elevate your personal style. We love diversity, so come as you are!

Lica Popescu is a well known Romanian stylist having extended experience in the fashion industry. Her diversified portfolio includes a wide range of projects, such as styling and directing brand campaigns, fashion editorials, as well as celebrity and personal styling jobs.

Lica’s full fashion expertise will be available for you at The Fine Line as she will manage all the styling sessions.

You can find more about Lica and her work here.

We want to offer you a tailored styling experience and that means knowing you a bit better. In order for our stylists to prepare and deliver personalized style recommendations, we encourage you to answer the style questionnaire as truthfully as possible.

Don’t worry, we know that things may change over time. That’s why you can update your answers every time you feel like it. To update the Style Questionnaire, please go to Account > Style Questionnaire.

The Express Styling Session is suitable for you if you’re looking for a statement event dress, the best investment piece for this season, you’re trying out countless outfits for a night out or an exciting interview without knowing what to choose, or you simply need some help incorporating a statement piece in your wardrobe, our stylists are ready to deliver game-changing recommendations and help you elevate your style. However, please keep in mind that the express styling session covers one topic of your choice.

Simply write what it is that you need in the chat and you’ll get the stylist’s answer under 24h*. We promise it’s better than texting your best friend.

The Premium Styling session includes at least the following: a thirty-minutes video-call with our expert stylist, closet clean-out consultancy for 10 items from your wardrobe that you upload via chat (that includes specific advice & styling ideas for each), 3 style boards tailored to your needs with correlative shopping lists and, if needed, 3 revisions of the styleboards hand-picked by our expert stylist, as well as shopping inspirations and tailored advice that will elevate your personal style and upgrade your wardrobe.

Our stylists are here to help you with any specific requirements you may have. If you are looking for a bespoke styling session, designed to meet your particular demands, please select here one or more of the options that best suits your needs and we will get in touch with you soon with a customized quotation.

Uploading photos of some of your wardrobe items can definitely take up some time, but we will make it worth your while.

If you booked the Premium Styling Session and you want your personal stylist to review and style 10 of your fashion items, please upload the photos via Chat. Please let our stylists know if you’d like to include all or some of the items in the style boards so you can discover new ways to love and wear pieces from your wardrobe.

The Style boards are collections of different style approaches or fashion items that our expert stylist puts together as a means to show you the visual direction imagined for you, as well as styling inspiration and fashion proposals with correlative shopping links answering your needs and requests.

You will receive the Style boards via Chat and you can save them for further fashion inspiration.

If you are not happy with the stylist’s proposals, please let them know by writing your feedback in the chat. In order to get the most out the styling session, please provide our stylist with information regarding everything that you loved or not about the previous style boards so the stylist will amend and tailor so everything fits your taste.

In case you are still not happy by the end of the session, please contact us at and we will do our best to help you.

Please make sure to read the terms and conditions of the styling session you want to book in order be fully aware of the number of revisions that are included.

Yes. All the information you provide on The Fine Line platform is 100% private. Your personal stylist will only have access to your Style Questionnaire answers and information or photos you provide in the chat. And we assure you that the stylist will keep everything confidential and use the provided information strictly for the styling process.

You can check our Privacy Policy for more details regarding privacy.

Unfortunately, even the best of things come to an end. The end of the styling session will mark that your stylist has completed the number of style boards and revisions they created for you for that specific styling session. Don’t worry, you will still have access to all the results in the chat after your session is completed. We also recommend saving the style boards, shopping lists and tailored advice so you’ll be sure to have it at hand if further needed.

However, we want to make sure you are satisfied with the styling and recommendations our stylists proposed to you so no styling session will ever end without allowing you to provide feedback or ask for a revision.

Yes. Our stylists try their best to provide recommendations you’d love and which are available for purchasing. If you love something, simply click on the links provided in the shopping lists or Style boards and they will take you to the web retailer where the items were found on. From there on, you are fully in charge of the purchasing process. Please remember that you are not required to purchase anything and the buying process is fully at your choice.

In the event that you attempt to purchase items mentioned in the Style boards or shopping lists provided by our stylists within 72 hours as of their receipt and the items are no longer available, please get in touch with the stylist via chat or contact us at and we’ll make sure that you will receive similar recommendations which are available for you to shop.

We’re so sorry if you find yourself unhappy with your styling session.

However, please keep in mind that the price of the styling session will be refunded to you only if the stylist failed to provide the styling services included in the session that you have booked or provided such services with a delay that exceeds more than 72 hours as of the period mentioned in the styling sessions’ descriptions. Kindly remember that this applies to working days only.

In case of refund approval, your refund will be transferred using your original payment method. Please note that, depending on your payment provider, it may take 1 to 30 days for the amount to appear in your bank account.

If you booked a styling session and the stylist already started working on your specific case or you were already provided with tailored advice or recommendations, we will not be able to refund you the amount.

Nevertheless, we are very interested in finding out what went wrong so we can improve the experience for you. Please contact us at and tell us more about what happened.

Once you’re a part of The Fine Line community by subscribing to our newsletter, you get access to fashion insights, style tips and shopping inspiration that our stylists will curate especially for you.

After booking a styling session, you can benefit — depending on the type of the session you have chosen, of access to exclusive events and shopping sessions, shopping discounts and other benefits in selected stores and even discounts for future styling sessions.

We are constantly working to reshape and enhance the styling and shopping experience for you, so stay tuned for even more surprises

Yes. Of course, every subscription comes with special prices.

We provide subscriptions for individuals so you can benefit of a specific styling session, at your choice, on a monthly or quarterly basis.

We also offer corporate subscriptions as a benefit the companies can offer to their employees.

If you are considering subscribing, please contact us at specifying the type of subscription you are interested in and we’ll get in touch soon with a customized quotation.

It depends on what type of session you have booked. The Express session is meant to be nice and quick so you get the results just in time for any occasion. On the other hand, the Premium and Tailored sessions imply a more complex styling process and they may last between a few days and up to 10 working days, depending on the number of revisions you require and the quickness of your feedback.

If you need a little more time or you are unavailable for providing feedback during a specific period after the booking of a styling session, please contact us at and we’ll find a way to make it work.

You can always contact us at or write us via Chat.
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